styczeń 10, 2013

Listy poparcia z USA, Kanady, Wielkiej Brytanii i Francji

Dzięki aktywności Międzynarodowej Koalicji dla Ochrony Polskiej Wsi – ICPPC otrzymujemy listy poparcia z zagranicy: USA, Kanady, Wielkiej Brytanii i Francji. Poparcie dotyczy trzech kluczowych postulatów: walki o ziemię, przepisów umożliwiających rolnikom przetwarzanie własnych surowców gospodarczych i ich sprzedaży oraz ustawowego zakazu upraw GMO.

Treści listów:

Dear Polish Farmers,

Keep up the fight! Don’t let the companies take over your land! You deserve to have your healthy traditional food and way of life. Pray to God for strength and to win. I will pray for you, too.

Kelly West
Wisconsin, U.S.A.


What the Polish farmers are doing is very important! We here in „pig capitol” Iowa, USA, are being over run with CAFO’s, the animal confinement flesh factories. They ruin our air, they pollute our wells, lakes and rivers, and undervalue our homes and towns. These are run by the very mulitnationals you all are fighting!

Greed is rampant in our governments as well. These companies spend millions to grease the politicians hands and control policies that favor these flesh factories. The small farmers are being squeezed out here, too. However, the grassroot movements are also actively fighting for our protection.

Keep it up, Polish farmers & supporters! You are not alone in this fight!!!

Carol Bentley-Iverson
Decorah, Iowa, USA


We are farmers here in the U.S.A. and our prayers are in support of your cause. Stand for your homes and beautiful fertile country side. Love to you all, Ann & Mark Wade


Dear Farmers of Poland,
i am so sorry to hear that you have to fight against these internationals that want to control the food systems of the world.
Please do not give up. We continue to fight for our small farmers that grow healthy food in the United States. You must get your citizens involved and aware of what is going on.
Thank you for your sacrifices and all that you do.

Marjory Basso
Chicago, Illinois, USA


Dear Farmers and all involved,
Please know that the human race on this entire planet is being affected by the actions that are taking all of our rights away. I support you and wish you success. Please know that your efforts will pay off for all of humanity and we are praying for you…

Many blessings and best wishes,
Raymond Silkman Kalifornia, USA


I stand with you in your struggle to remain GMO-free and to sell local. This struggle is occurring in all countries and is a watershed in the health of all mankind.

Kris Parnicky, MD
Ann Arbor, MI


I join in strong solidarity with the Coalition for a GMO Free Poland „POLSKA WOLNA OD GMO” and other Polish and international institutions, and millions of EU citizens who want a GMO-free Poland and Europe.

„I support the demand of the Coalition for a GMO Free Poland for a ten year moratorium against all GMO’s in the European Union”
Linda Klassen, Canada





Emmanuel Sanches, Francja


…I am very much against what has been happening to the Polish countryside, to the Polish farmers and people. Farmers in general should have their farms, keep them and have the right to support local community, local people. And at the same time local people should support their farmers, as this supports the local economy, countryside/landscape and overall well-being of the country and the planet. I come from the Czech Republic, so it is so close to home. Since I live in the US now, I support the local farmers here, when I go home to Czech, I support the farmers there. That is logical, makes sense but also comes from the heart. We as people should work with one another, not against each other. Big corporations are scary, but it is the people who can scare them away and educate them (hopefully). Notify the local people, make them aware of what is happening to them and their surroundings and hopefully you get lots of support from around the world as well. I hope this letter can help somewhat.

Good luck to you all and keep us posted!

Best regards,
Anna Simpson


To Whom It May Concern:
I just read about your struggle in your anti-GMO protest in Poland. We support you in your effort. Keep it up and do all you can to protect your territory from the government who is interested in making a coalition with the „BIG BUCKS” U.S. based organizations. Their intention is to control and take your wealth and health away from you.

Asher Nadler


Dear Farmers of Poland,

We send our support and  solidarity.

Everyone should have the basic human right to local, organic and
uncontaminated food!

Good luck in your campaign!

Diana Schumacher OBE
Vice President, ECOROPA


Dear Polish Farmers,

I have just read the news that you are protesting against certain
injustices in your country.

Apparently you have no right to sell your food locally!  This is
incomprehensible.  Why should selling your food locally be
prohibited?  It makes no sense.  Locally produced food is the
freshest and most nourishing, and it saves on fuel for transport.  It
thus also reduces global warming.

The sale of Polish farmland to multinational corporations is a
scandal.  If Polish farmers own the land, they can cultivate it in a
way to preserve its fertility and to produce wholesome food.  If they
produce more than is needed in the country, the excess can be
exported to the profit of the farmers and the whole nation.  If
foreign corporations own the land, they are unlikely to trreat it
with the loving care a Po;ish farmer would bestow upon it.

It is of the utmost importance that all growing of GM plants be
prohibited in Poland.  If they are allowed, they will contaminate non-
GM plants.  Farmers who find GM plants sprouting spontaneously on
their soil will be liable to prosecution by the company that
developed the seeds and will be subject to heavy fines for lacking a
licence to grow the GM seeds.  If a GM seed developer purchases
Polish  land, it may serve as a 'Trojan horse’ by being planted with
GM seeds deliberately for the purpose of contaminating neighbouring
farms with GM plants, eventually forcing farmers to avoid legal
penalties by buying GM seeds and planting them.  It is a stated hope
of at least some in the GM industry that so much GM contamination
will occur that farmers will just 'give up and surrender’.

So much evidence has accumulated against GM crops that it is a wonder
that the industry can continue to proclaim its deceits and lies and
still be believed.   GM crops do not increase yields, they require
the use of more pesticides every year, and they have consistently
been found to cause health problems when fed to laboratory animals by
scientists independent of the industry.  Many farmers have also
reported serious health problems and infertility when their animals
are given GM feed.  The latest and best study on rats given GM feed,
which extended over their lifespan (unlike previous studies) found
serious damage to the liver and kidneys, much more tumour formation
than in the control group, and many early deaths.  The conclusion
must be that there is no need for GM crops in Poland or anywhere else.

I wish you every success in your rightful campaign to protect your
country, your countryside and your people against laws that will
undermine Polish farming and the welfare of the entire nation.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Eva Novotny
Cambridge, UK


I would like to offer my support to the Polish farmers – please pass on our sympathy, good wishes and encouragement to them . Keep Going,  Never Give up!

Marion Price