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Postulates of the Farmers Trade Unions Protest Committee, Westpomerania Region, Poland


Postulates of the Farmers Trade Unions Protest Committee, Westpomerania Region, Poland
(December 2012)

Since the majority of issues agreed at the meeting with the Chairman of Polish Agricultural Property Agency (ANR) and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on 18 June and 4 July 2012 have not been implemented, the Farmers Trade Union Protest Committee in Westpomerania Region decided to start another protest in Szczecin on 5 December 2012.

We demand:

1. Introduction of a moratorium on sales of State Treasury agricultural land in the Westpomerania Region until laws are adopted to guarantee efficient implementation of the basic responsibility of the Agricultural Property Agency (ANR), namely developing and improving land structure of family farms.

2. Recognition of lease as a fully fledged form of using State Treasury agricultural land and provision of guarantee that lease by legal successors is continued.

3. Introduction of anticorruption measures in the process of State Treasury agricultural land management and active involvement of state institutions and bodies in fighting pathologies in the land management process.

4. Legal solutions following those in other EU countries, which reduce freedom in agricultural land trading and support family nature of farms.

5. We object to introducing income tax in the agriculture sector. In our opinion, it is going to be yet another financial burden in rural areas during the crisis period and it will further reduce competitiveness of the Polish agriculture sector in the European Union.

6. We demand comprehensive action to be taken by the Polish government as regards equal competition between Polish farmers and those in the Old 15 EU member states by bringing direct subsidies to the same level and ensuring relevant funding in the new EU budget period.

7. We are against the green land programme (7% of land excluded from production) in particular in the context of attempts of legalizing GMO in our country.

8. We demand the Polish delegation to object decisively to cuts in the Common Agricultural Policy funding while negotiating the latest 2014 – 2020 draft EU budget.

9. We demand that the European Commission decision on reducing a part of national direct aid payments (UPO) within the modulation system for farms with total subsidy in excess of 5000 € to be appealed to the European Court of Justice. The reduction is particularly detrimental to economic situation of farms and rural areas in the Westpomerania Region.

10. We demand bringing privatization of the agri-food sector companies to a halt, since the companies are now privatized without active involvement of farmers.

11. We request maintaining the current social security system for farmers (KRUS) and changing detrimental provisions of the Law on Farmers Health Insurance Contributions.

12. We demand increasing agricultural fuel limits up to 120 l/ha and reimbursement of excise duty in full.

13. We demand introducing regulations that will enable farmers processing their own raw materials and their sales. Applicable sanitary regulations should be adjusted to the scale and seasonal nature of the production. The current law efficiently prevents farmers from such a process, a process which improves financial status of farms and provides consumers with local products.

14. We object to attempts of legalizing GMOs in our country by introducing a new law on seed production which waives the ban on GMO seeds trading. A guarantee that GMOs are prohibited in the country can only be provided in case the law is adopted by the Parliament rather than a ministerial regulation of still unknown wording to be introduced in the future.

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Chairman of Trade Unions Protest Committee

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Deputy Chairman of Trade Unions Protest Committee